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Staying Afloat Together

 Staying Afloat Together: Finding a way back from coercive or abusive experiences, feeling better and getting more out of life

The programme concentrates on the five things that nurture resilience:

  • Inner strength to overcome hard times
  • Self-belief
  • Self-care
  • Managing feelings
  • Realistic optimism

Creating connections between women and validating their experience is central to the programme. Activities are adapted to the journey of the group.

Week One: Introductions and what is a strong woman

Introductions/ paperwork

Talking about course/What is a strong woman?

Week Two: Resilience

“Weebles wobble but they never fall down”

What is resilience?

Week Three: Inner Strength in hard times

Developing inner strength. Creating our own coping kit

Week Four: Self-belief

Appreciating our own uniqueness

Session Five:  Self-care

Why do so many women find it difficult to really care for themselves

Session Six:  Managing Feelings

Managing feelings, finding balance

Session Seven: Celebration and realistic optimism

Making affirmation mirrors and looking to the future

Awayday: Walking the Labyrinth: Letting go of what we don’t need and celebrating our connections

If you think this course will benefit you please get in touch with Julia on 07775 817544 or email info@womensworkshop.net

Staying Afloat flier Amble 2019

June 4, 2019

Writing and You

Come and explore ways of using writing, whether for wellness or just for fun. Romi Jones will run the workshops in a safe and welcoming way so everyone can get involved.

May 29, 2019

Keys to Confidence

Explore the stories you tell yourself to stop you moving on

Learn to break out of your comfort zone

A short course led for the Women’s Workshop by Lindsey Foley of Tune In Coaching

Who for

The course is open to women of all ages, and we are particularly keen to support young women aged 18-25 and can cover travel, care or other costs to take part.

May 22, 2019

Women and Astronomy

Let’s celebrate women who have contributed to our understanding of astronomy, and find out about practical ways to read the night sky. This Workshop will be led by Mir Jannetta, and is part of our International Women’s Week celebrations, funded by British Science Week, to encourage women to get involved in science.

February 25, 2019

Womens Weeds Creative Writing Workshop 2

Second of two creative writing workshops as part of the Women’s Weeds project….

For total beginners and experienced writers… let your pen …

…turn a dandelion into a short story

…. or a leaf into a poem

…or a nettle into a memoir

August 22, 2018