10 June 2014 18:30 ~ Building a Future after Conflict – SIGBI panel discussion at Global Summit – London

SIGBI has been invited to be part of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, which will take place at ExCel, London on 10-13 June 2014. This is a major initiative by William Hague, UK Foreign Secretary, who will co-chair the summit with Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

This is an exciting opportunity for SIGBI, we will be hosting a panel session on Tuesday 10th June 6.30pm – 8pm and we also have a stand in the Marketplace throughout the event.

Panel Session
SIGBI will be holding a panel session on Tuesday 10th June 6.30pm – 8pm Hall N20/21, Building a Future after Conflict, which will be chaired by SIGBI President, Margaret Oldroyd. Speakers are still to be confirmed, but are likely to be:

  • Lois Kemera, Sierra Leone, Project Leader, Project Sierra A Family and A Future
  • Anne MacDonald OBE, Federation Coordinator, Project Sierra A Family and A Future
  • Judge Sabina Arbia, former Registrar of the ICC and Chief Prosecutor at the UN ICT post Rwanda genocide
  • Ann Garvie, International President, Limbs for Life in partnership with IRC
  • Kate Moore MBE, Project Independence in partnership with Women for Women International

Please see the invitation to attend this panel, and if you can make it we will be delighted to welcome you..

Marketplace Stand
SIGBI has a stand in the Marketplace throughout the event.

How to Attend?

We would love to see you at the summit. The Fringe is free to attend and prior-registration is not required.

Full details at http://sigbi.org/2014/global-summit-london/

May 23, 2014

30 August 2014 ~ FemiFest 2014 – Positively REVOLTING Women – RadFem UK – London & 31 August 2014

Islington Metal Works, 7 Torrens st, London EC1V 1NQ

FemiFest is a women only, feminist event. FemiFest is a space for women to share our experiences as women; to politically self organise for women’s liberation; and to enjoy speakers, art, music, and workshops together as women. We welcome all women who were raised and socialized as girls to join us.

FemiFest organisers will not tolerate oppressive language or behaviour towards any group facing discrimination and oppression. FemiFest is opposed to ideologies of oppression.

It is a central part of our radical feminist analysis that gender is a tool of women’s oppression, not women’s liberation. FemiFest organisers share the view that gender is a human created power hierarchy based on reproductive sex. This gendered power arrangement relegates women to a social status that is secondary to men. None of the organisers consider ourselves to have an innate gender – neither masculine, feminine, trans, cis, gender queer, or any other gender. We are gender abolitionists who have been raised and socialized as girls and women *because of our female bodies* in the context of a male supremecist social system.

Women who consider that gender is a benign spectrum of self expression will find other conferences and festivals where they can organise with like minded people. FemiFest is designed by and for women interested in feminist theory with a structural analysis of power and those who want to genuinely engage with women’s liberationist ideas.


If you are an artist, musician,writer, speaker, dancer, comedian or performer interested in performing, please email us at radfemuk@outlook.com with your name, contact details and details of your work. If you play music then a link to your performance on youtube or similar would be appreciated. Please note, we will not feature artists, performers or musicians whose ideas are contradictory to radical feminism.

We are unable to pay artists, and we are only rarely able to pay expenses.

Please note, the event is non profit making and is being organised totally by volunteers.

Check for updates at http://www.femifest2014.com/about/4582419922

Aims of FemiFest

    1) Provide a space for feminists to meet, hold discussions, create, listen to speakers, see performances and have fun.
    2) For specific groups of women e.g. prostitution survivors, to have a space to meet and share information and experiences.
    3) To build bridges in the feminist community, find ways to manage conflict and work together as a community effectively.
    3) Provide an event which is accessible and will appeal to new and existing feminist activists, writers and creative women.
    4) To showcase a range of services and organisations, and women who may need to use them, join them etc.
    5) To build partnerships / contacts with womens groups around the country.

Check http://www.femifest2014.com/aims/4582420887

For full details and registration go to http://www.femifest2014.com/

May 23, 2014

30 May 2014 19:00 ~ Worcester Woman talks back: should there be more women in politics? – Feminist Times West Midlands

Feminist Times West Midlands presents… Worcester Woman talks back! The first regional Feminist Times event from our Local Team in the West Midands.

On Friday 30thMay at the Guildhall, Worcester, a panel of people from Worcestershire will discuss their views on politics and the Worcester woman.

This event is FREE for Feminist Times Members but please reserve a ticket. Just £2.50 for non-members.


  • Dr Barbara Mitra – Senior Lecturer in Media & Cultrual Studies at the University of Worcester
  • Pat Agar – councillor and Worcester City Mayor (2013-2014)
  • Mike Webb – Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Worcester
  • Joy Squires – City Councillor in Worcester who will be standing as the Labour parlimentary candidate in 2015
  • Ruth Jones (OBE) – Founding Director of the University of Worcester’s National Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence and Abuse
  • Harriett Baldwin – Conservative MP for West Worcestershire
  • Chaired by Deborah Coughlin – Editor of Feminist Times


The Worcester woman is supposed to represent Middle England’s average woman who is assumed to be a family focused, hard working woman, who puts their children first and votes according to whatever will help her family.

Cuts to services are having a big impact on women and families. Would this be different if there were more women MPs? In February 2014, the UK was ranked 65thin terms of the percentage of women in national parliaments. Other countries with better representation of women in their parliaments included Senegal, Belgium, Mozambique and Iraq. Despite women making up half the population, only 22% of MPs are women (in the UK) and the statistics are similar in local politics.

Come and discuss your opinion as to whether more women in politics might make a difference to the Worcester Woman (if she exists)!

Join in on Twitter: #WorcesterWoman

Getting there:

Worcester Guildhall
High St, Worcester WR1 2EY

The nearest car park is Copenhagen Street Car Park (WR1 2HB); disabled parking is available at the rear of the venue. Venue phone number: 01905 723471

For more information:

On this event and the West Midlands Local Team: westmidlands@feministtimes.com

On other Feminist Times events and Local Teams: events@feministtimes.com

Pay at the door or book online at http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/worcester-woman-talks-back-should-there-be-more-women-in-politics-tickets-11617499253

May 21, 2014

22 May 2014 19:30 ~ Lesbians On Screen: How Far Have We Come? – Newcastle + 5, 12 June & 2 July 2014

Film series at Star and Shadow Cinema

A series of classic and provocative films giving a taste of how lesbians have been represented on the big screen from 1968 to the present. The audience is warmly invited to stay for post-film discussions considering how far we have come with representing lesbians on screen. Have we made progress?

Organisers: Dr Jacky Collins and Dr Julie Scanlon from Northumbria University. There will be a brief introduction to each film and opportunity for discussion after the films. The screenings and discussions are for WOMEN ONLY – ALL WOMEN WELCOME.

Thursday 22 May 2014
Film: Vampyros Lesbos (1971)
7:30 p.m.

Thursday 5 June 2014
Film: Lianna (1983)
7:30 p.m.

Thursday 12 June 2014
Film: Bound (1996)
7:30 p.m.

Wednesday 2 July 2014
Film: Ghosted (2009)
7:30 p.m.

Check http://genderedsubjects.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/lesbians-on-screen-how-far-have-we-come-film-series-at-star-and-shadow-cinema/

Why Women Only?

A couple of us in the Gendered Subjects group are organising a series of screenings at Newcastle’s volunteer-run cinema, The Star and Shadow. The screening series is entitled ‘Lesbians on Screen: How far Have We Come?’ (see previous post on our blog here http://wp.me/p2eKCh-6r ). We decided to make the screenings as well the discussions and focus groups open to women only and have had the first of, no doubt, several queries as to ‘Why Women Only?’. Here’s the email I have written in response:

To answer your question, it might be useful to know the history of the project. The screening series comes out of a workshop Jacky and I hosted at the North-East Feminist Gathering (www.nefeministgathering.com) in October 2012, which was a very successful DIY gathering in Newcastle organised by local women and was a women-only space. One of the participants in our workshop suggested it would be great if there were a screening series of films focussed on representations of lesbians and an opportunity to discuss them. It’s taken us a while to get some funding but this is a follow-on from the work we did in the workshop.

Both of the North East Feminist Gatherings to date as well as our own workshop were incredibly positive spaces in which women felt able to voice experiences and opinions that research has often shown get stifled in the presence of men and that also shows how women speak and behave differently in mixed groups (Deborah Cameron’s book Man-Made Language is excellent on this). More specifically my colleague Ruth Lewis, along with Elizabeth Sharp of Texas Tech University, undertook research on the North East Feminist Gathering itself. You can see what women said about the importance of women-only space at the NEFG in a snapshot of their research in the Feminist Times: http://www.feministtimes.com/whats-so-safe-about-feminist-women-only-space/ The value that these women themselves have placed on such spaces has led us to keep these events women only in the spirit of the original workshop.

Given that the topic is ‘lesbians on screen’, and potentially sensitive, we were keen that women feel as ‘safe’ as possible (to use the terms women used in the article above) whilst viewing and discussing the films afterwards in the post-film conversations. In particular, lesbians very rarely get to ‘own’ the discourses/conversations that operate around representations of our own sexual identities. We anticipate that the screenings will attract a good number of women who identify as lesbian (as well as other identifications), and that this ‘safety’ aspect of being in women-only space will appeal. Rather than being divisive, a women-only space in this context can provide a positively partisan arena in which under-represented voices can be heard. Our research from the focus groups will explore some of these issues in much more detail.

Source http://genderedsubjects.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/why-women-only/

May 21, 2014

5 July 2014 ~ Women and Activism in the North East: reclaiming the past, mapping the present and projecting the future

Are you a woman living in the North East region who has been and/or is involved in activism? We invite you to join us and other women activists for a half-day workshop at Northumbria University on 5th July 2014 to discuss our histories, share our experiences, and plan for future activities.

Who are we and why women and activism?

We are a group of researchers from Northumbria University, keen to research the vibrant women’s activist scene in the North East. Women in our region have made important contributions to changing the face of politics and society by, for example, setting up Rape Crisis Centres and other services, influencing policy-makers and politicians, organising International Women’s Day events and numerous other activities. But women’s activism is sometimes overlooked or lost to history. We want to document, record and research what women in the NE have done over the past decades and are doing now to change our region for the better.

Where has this project come from?

In December 2013, we hosted an event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the most momentous and important actions of the Greenham Peace Camp in 1983. (You can find a short film made at that event here: http://youtu.be/fWEPk07WWM4). Women who participated were very enthusiastic about continuing and expanding the conversation about women’s activism. We want to design a research project which maps the recent history (say, since 1975) of women and activism in the North East, both in terms of activities taking place in the region but also the activities of local women’s actions outside the region. And we want to be guided by women activists who would like to work with us on this project.

The Workshop

To ensure that the project is relevant to women in the region, we’ll work together to scope out the broad shape of the project. We’ll also identify potential research partners including individuals who would be interested in becoming active members of the research team and being trained in basic research methods.

Get in touch!

If you have been an activist in the past or are involved in any kind of political, social or community action now, it would be great to share your thoughts with us and to hear ours in return. If you would like to participate in the workshop, please email: s.f.regan@northumbria.ac.uk and register your interest by Friday 6th June. We’ll be back in touch about venue and timing as soon as possible.

Please forward this message to others who might be interested. We look forward to hearing from and working with you as we develop this exciting new research project.

We are:

Carol Stephenson; Julie Scanlon; Karen Ross; Ruth Lewis; and Sue Regan

Check http://genderedsubjects.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/women-and-activism-in-the-north-east-reclaiming-the-past-mapping-the-present-and-projecting-the-future/

May 21, 2014