The Haven Wolverhampton Funding Cut

We regret to inform you that The Haven has been notified by Wolverhampton City Council that they are looking to reduce the contract we have with them for domestic violence services by £300,000. This represents a cut of 33% which comes only six months after an earlier cut of 20%. Consequently our funding will suffered an overall cut of 50%.

Haven Trustees and management team will do all they can to minimise the impact on services for people escaping domestic violence.

News casts and radio interviews are taking place together with a press release in the Express and Star. Please keep checking back here for further news and details of how you could help us.

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June 5, 2014

Save Lives Save Services Appeal – we need your help donate now – Women’s Aid

Since the start of the year, Women’s Aid has made some major breakthroughs in our work to ensure that victims of domestic violence are able to access support and assistance to help them break free from abuse. This includes successfully campaigning to make it easier for victims of abuse to access Legal Aid, and for virtually all refuges to be classified as exempt supported accommodation under new benefit laws.

Whilst these changes have broken down some of the barriers faced by women in accessing support and justice; there are numerous others that still exist, and we have launched the Save Lives Save Services appeal to ask for your help to overcome these.

In the past few years, funding for the domestic violence and sexual abuse sector has been reduced by a staggering 30%, and as a result refuges are closing and specialist domestic violence services are disappearing. On one day in 2013, 155 women and 103 children had to be turned away from refuges across England because of a lack of resources. For those women and children, the basic yet vital protection provided by a refuge was inaccessible to them.

We are seeing more and more specialist refuges closing across the country due to cuts in funding and poor decisions being made by some local authorities about the services that should be provided in their area. This is unacceptable and puts women and children in grave danger. Being unable to access support means women are more likely to stay in or return to an abusive relationship.

We need your support to help us to continue to fight for the survival of refuges and specialist domestic violence services across the country, work with the Government to advise them on how to best meet the needs of survivors, and challenge decisions around access to welfare support that put survivors’ safety at risk.

Please donate now to the Save Lives Save Services appeal to support our work in helping women access the lifesaving services that they so desperately need.

Donate to Save Lives Save Refuges appeal online at,2IMN4,APZUDG,96BQZ,1

June 5, 2014

Free Meriam Ibrahim now! – Southall Black Sisters

Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to death when she was eight months pregnant and charged with apostasy and adultery in Sudan. Meriam refused to renounce her Christian faith and judges in a court in Khartoum sentenced her to death by hanging and to 100 lashes for being married to a Christian man. Meriam has protested that she is a Christian and witnesses who came to support her in court from another part of Sudan were prevented from giving evidence.

The Judge in the courts in Khartoum declared that “we gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged to death.”
We demand an immediate and unconditional release of Meriam Ibrahim!

Last Tuesday, she gave birth to a baby girl, Maya, with her legs still shackled in prison. Meriam is nursing her new born baby along with her 20 month old son in horrific conditions uncertain of her future.
We demand that Sudan abolish the death penalty and flogging and rescind laws criminalising adultery and apostasy.

According to Islamic law, the death sentence will not be enacted for two years after she has given birth. However, the punishment of 100 lashes could be carried out as soon as her baby is born.

We urge the Sudanese government to release Meriam immediately and overturn this abhorrent and heinous sentence. Over a million people globally have condemned this sentence and backed Amnesty International’s campaign to have her freed.

You can sign the petition Amnesty petition at

Press Release at

June 5, 2014

21 June 2014 19:00 ~ A Night for Hysteria – Benefit – London

HYSTERIA needs help in continuing its fierce fight in the name of feminisms.

HYSTERIA is a non-profit, radical, feminist periodical and platform, which is powered and exists by contributions and support from range of artists, poets, scholars, students and activists.

We want to invite you to our event, A Night For HYSTERIA, on Saturday 21st June at Bitters & RYE cocktail club in London. An evening to celebrate feminist performance and participate in an ever-broadening discussion about the scope of feminism, all while securing the survival of HYSTERIA. The money raised at this event will cover the printing expenses of the 3rd issue of HYSTERIA.

Amazing performances and music by:
with more to be confirmed

Tickets £5

More info about the event can be found be found here.

We would be completely thrilled to see you on the 21st June, your support would mean a great deal to us to continue to move HYSTERIA forward.

Even if you cannot be there physically on the night, any support you can give by sharing this event to your network and followers or directly donating what you can to our printing cost would be most welcome and greatly appreciated.

Download A Night For HYSTERIA invite (60k .JPEG file)

We really would love to stay connected and hope to share what’s going on in both of our worlds.

Please check out our website and social links below.

Hope to see you on the 21st!

Book online at

Facebook Hysterical Feminisms
Website Hysterical Feminisms

June 3, 2014

Sexism and Local Government – briefing paper – Fawcett

Women’s representation is still depressingly low in local government – currently only 32% of councillors are women3 – but we rarely see this hit the front pages of national newspapers.

Yet local authorities wield an enormous amount of power. Local government budgets make up a quarter of all public spending (over £100 billion) and deep cuts to local government spending are having a hugely disproportionate impact on women. Lack of female councillors will only exacerbate this situation.

Moreover it appears that the sexism and sexual harassment, which is being increasingly scrutinised in Westminster, is equally as prevalent in the corridors of our local town halls.

Download the full paper in pdf format from

See also:
* Sexism and unsociable hours: why less than a third of councillors are women
- Article in the Guardian by Polly Trenow of Fawcett

June 3, 2014